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The civil war started with the trump


On Tuesday, two Republican Senators of the US Senate openly expressed their disapproval of President Trump. One of their chosen Jeff Fleck from Arizona said that the use of trumps is harmful to democracy. Describing the use of the trump as 'reckless, indecisive and abusive', he said that such use from the highest level of the government is awful for democracy. Flake appeals to his colleagues, do not accept obesity that they should not accept this objection. 'Mr. President, I am saying, no more. "Fleck said.

On the same day, in a sub-editor in the Washington Post newspaper, Jeff Flex compared Trump's American to the time of the Communist Opposition McCarthy in the Fifteenth Century, saying McCarthy created a storm against US values ​​at that time. McCarthy's campaign was stopped because of Joseph Welch's protest. Fleck said, "We have just arrived in such a situation, we have forgotten our values." In 1954, in a Senate hearing by McCarthy protesting against the anti-communist campaign, US military counsel Joseph Welch said, "Senator, what is your morality It is said that McCarthy's support has been diminishing since Walcha's words.

Fleck's anti-trump anti-tumbler surnamed Bob Carter from Tennessee He had been a tragedy for weeks before he was a liar. Calling Trump again as a liar on Tuesday morning, he said that American values ​​were subsided during the trump. 'When the president's rule ends, we will keep in mind that the downfall of our values, the constant litter, to spread slander against others,' he said.

Earlier, in a TV interview, Corker said, the Senate hand over the tax reforms will be successful if Trump does not flutter it, giving Congress its work. Trump has sent a message on Twitter to Tarkar on TV, a wireless man like Corker, which is impossible to re-elect, has now been fighting tax rebate.

On Tuesday, trump senate came to lunch with Republican members in exchange for tax reform questions. But instead of talking about this, the Republican Party's 'Civil War' with Trump has been headlined for the past 12 hours. This is the first attack in a history of American history by a ruling president and two senior Senate members in this language. Both of them questioned the qualifications and mental health of the trump. Not only that, they have appealed to their party colleagues, they do not tolerate democracy and democracy in the hands of trumpets and the depression of US values. Looking at the colleagues, Jeff Fleck said, 'Whatever the other person does, I will not be silent anymore and I will not be a partner in this mess.'

Both Corker and Fleck will not contest the mid-next year's election. Both of them came from the conservative state, most of them believe that they are stepping out of the election without knowing any possibility of winning their own seats in opposition to Trump. It is thought that, because of the re-election retirement, they have now opened their mouth against the trump due to falling from their shoulders.

No doubt, the open rebellion of Fleck and Corker will increase the interpolation of the Republican Party. This party dispute seems to be very enjoyable by attacking the Republicans, which are known to be extremely trump-making, the Establishments. Without the slightest hesitation in expressing his loyalty to him, Trump has no objection even to go against the leaders of his own party. Without the support of these senators, knowing that it is impossible to pass a parliamentary agenda, this use of trump causes the heat of Republican leadership. But there is no reason to think so that other Republican Senators or Congress members will follow the way shown by Fleck and Corker. Arizona Senator John McCain questioned the leadership of the trump on any question. Suspended moderate Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska have taken a different position on health insurance. But none of them opposed the trump in such intense language from a moral standpoint.

It is not difficult to understand why Republican senators are not taking anti-trim positions. Trump's popularity among the Republican supporters in the conservative states is still huge - about 90 percent in some states. In this situation, a senator or Congress member interested in re-election will not want to get rid of Trump and his grassroots supporters. That is why a 'moral slap' against Corker and Fleck's trump-opposing position is a 'moral slap' towards the big trump. He has a trumpet with the power of slapping, from the day he took an oath he has been proving that. Despite being involved in a scandal after another, the popularity of trumps across the country is still in 37-39 percent.

Meanwhile, Fleck and Corker were pleased with the decision to step down from the contest, the former Trump former adviser, Steve Brennan. Banan, known as 'white nationalist', said he was committed to defeating the Republican Party's anti-defeating political senators and Congress members. Because of them, the 'nationalist' agenda of the trump is not being implemented, he complained. In the upcoming Congressional elections next year, he expressed his desire to nominate a candidate against his own party members. With the support of several conservative billionaire charmers for this purpose, he started forming a large fund. He had already announced support for an incompetent right-wing candidate against Corker. Now as Jeff Fleck's seat is open, an opportunity to win another candidate for the purpose of banning is created.


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