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The United States and Turkey are confronted


The United States and Turkey have suspended the visas of each other for a debate over the safety of the diplomats. Firstly the United States and then Turkey announced this. Diplomatic tensions between the two countries led to the arrest of a person working in an embassy in Ankara last Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Turkish authorities issued an arrest warrant against another US diplomat yesterday, local media reported.

The US embassy in Ankara said that all visas for immigrants were suspended in the United States. It's time to 'review' the Turkish commitment to US diplomats' security. A few hours after the same day, the Turkish embassy in the United States received similar announcements.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdouan, a member of the NATO alliance, recently visited the United States. US President Donald Trump said about a month before the positive change of bilateral ties with Turkey. But unlike the last year's coup in Turkey as a conspirator, there was a sudden change in the arrest of a person working in the US Embassy suspected of having links with exiled Fitulla Gulen.

The President of Turkey, visiting Turkey, commented that the US decision on the visa was 'disappointing'. At a press conference in Dhaka, he said that this decision is very sad. Turkish officials started contacting the US on this issue.

Turkish state news agency Anadulur Khabar said that the person arrested in the US Embassy was a Turkish citizen. The man named Mutin Topaz was arrested on Wednesday night.
Washington condemned the arrest, saying it had a negative impact on diplomacy.

Reuters reported that the Turkish authorities issued warrants against another US diplomat on Monday. The country's media NTV said in a news, the warrant issued against him, he is absconding. But Turkish newspaper Hurriet has said that the person is currently in the US consulate office in Istanbul.

The Turkish police confirmed that the man's wife and child are being interrogated. Police want to interrogate him too. He will not get the diplomatic immunity advantage.
On Sunday, the Turkish embassy suspended the visas of the United States, saying that the United States embassy and visa holders were suspended immediately after the United States embassy and consulate in the United States during the review process. Although the first passport visa was called for a suspension, Ankara later said that e-Visas and Border Visas are being postponed.

Since last year's failed coup, Ankara has always blamed the exiled religious leader Fattullah Gulen for the United States. Besides, Kurdish wipi fighters in Syria are backing Washington. Ankara thinks that WiPG has been banned in Turkey for banned pikake ideology. In all, the relationship between the two countries has turned negative.

In Turkey, a coup was a failed coup in July last year. Ankara has been pressurizing Washington for months to return Fattulla Gulen as its conspirator. Although Gulen denied the allegation. After the failed coup, 40 thousand people were arrested in Turkey and 1.20 lakh people were fired.


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