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Ivana could not accept addiction to other women of Trumps


US President Donald Trump's first wife, Ewana, has removed the screen of the president's earlier ruckus in a new book.

Tramp's bridal life with Evana lasted from 1977 to 1992. In the book 'Raising Trump', Ivana says, on one of December 1989, she realizes that their marriage is going to end.

In the book, Ivana wrote, "A young brunette girl came in front of me and said, I love your husband Do you love I said, go out, I love my husband. 'Ivana wrote that the behavior of the young woman was not feminine. However, he was surprised by the incident.

The relationship of Trump's relationship with Marla Maples gave birth to a scandal. New York Post titled 'Best Sex I Have Ever Had' on this topic. In 1993, after the breakup of his first wife, Evan, Trump married Marla Maples.

The book 'Raising Trump' will be published next week. Before publishing, the company has purchased a copy of the book. In the book, Writes Evanna, Writes about her marriage to Trump and his role in Trump's organizations; Later, in relation to Trump's relationship with Meplus, Evana and her three children Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric suffer from acute mental agony. Evera ends with a break in time. Evan wrote in the book, Donald Jr. did not speak to his father for a year after their separation.

Ivana writes that his relationship with President Donald Trump was sincere. They talk once a week. Evana encouraged Trump to use Twitter.

In an interview with CBS News this week, Ivana says that she (Eva) was offered the position of ambassador to the Czech Republic. But he returned the offer. Because he is 'leading a perfect life'. But the White House did not comment immediately on the proposal.


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