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Trump White House has spent $1.75 million on office furniture

Trump White House

Trump White House
Trump White House

President Trump is building a divider — just not the one at the outskirt.

The official branch has spent generally $291,000 on new office dividers for the U.S. Exchange Representative, as indicated by government records.

The cash is a piece of the $1.75 million the White House has doled out for furniture inside official workplaces since Trump progressed toward becoming President in January.

A major lump of that compensation out has been for "wooden office furniture," which cost practically $240,000, the records demonstrate.

These bigger pieces were likely piece of the August redesign of the West Wing, as indicated by NBC News, which initially recognized the spending. The since a long time ago booked development constrained President Trump to work from his New Jersey nation club for around three weeks.

Likewise included is a $12,800 custom gathering table made by Kittinger Furniture in Buffalo. That is a similar organization who, in 1969, Nixon appointed to work at 22.5-foot meeting table for the Cabinet Room.

The aggregate spending so far is somewhat higher than the $1.5 million spent by the Obama organization now, as indicated by NBC News, which initially detected the spending.

Another President will normally upgrade the West Wing and different workplaces when taking office to mirror his own inclinations.

For the Trump organization that implies $17,000 for new floor coverings and $5,000 for backdrop.

Obama paid for a portion of the expenses out of pocket, and it's not clear if Trump will do likewise.


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