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Daily carrying 3 million US pistol weapons


In the United States, every day approximately 3 million adult US people carry arms. And this number is 9 million in monthly average. This information has come up in a research study.
A large number of these large numbers of Americans talk about their safety as the primary reason for carrying arms. This is the first such study in the last 20 years. The study seeks to know why adult Americans carry firearms, how frequently, and in any manner the firearms carry. Researchers reviewed the behavior of 1,444 gunmen in the study.
In this context, Associate Professor of the University of Washington Ali Rouhani-Rahbar said that in this way, carrying firearms at public places can have an important effect on public health and public safety. He said the survey is important because of the use of guns, which is about 90 percent of the crimes with the help of firearms and relatively less lethal weapons.


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