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Four Years Prince George in IS Hitlist


In the list of militant organization Islamic State (IS) killing, Prince William, the second successor to the British throne, and his wife Kate Middleton's four-year-old son, Prince George, The organization threatened to kill George. This is said in the UK media report. It has been said in the report that social media has threatened to kill the killings in a message. News NDTV.

George III, the third successor to the British throne, was admitted to a primary school near the Kingston Palace in central London last month. Star On Sunday reported that George's photos were released in front of the new school in IS's popular channel telegrams on the secret communication channel. The caption has said, 'school started earlier'. It is further said in the post that the Arabic word was further written in the Arabic word, "When the war comes to an end in the bullet, we start attacking the unbelievers with the desire of vengeance."

Tel is the favorite of IS to deliver messages; Because the message is encrypted and the user's position is not released. The newspaper claims that the message of IS is targeted to attack the children of the royal family in the ISI, investigators believe the investigators.

British intelligence officials are believed to regularly monitor the activities of IS in social media. Concern for George's safety in school has already created concern. Earlier, a woman was arrested on suspicion of the thief from the school. After the arrest, the Metropolitan Police said they would review the safety of the school.


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