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The Ultimate Fix For Chronic Shoulder Pain


A painful shoulder is one of the most common reason why we go to the spa or physiotherapy center to get a massage. Beyond relaxation, a good massage provides immediate relief for achy shoulders, and getting a massage from a professional therapist can definitely do a lot of wonders for you. In addition to pain relief, massage also offers a lot of other health benefits, such as alleviating depression and anxiety, improving the quality of sleep, and boosting one’s immunity.

However, if your shoulder pains have been happening for quite some time, it might be best to go and see a trained and licensed physiotherapist who will be able to accurately determine the root cause of your shoulder pain so you can get rid of it entirely through a therapy program that is made specifically for you, instead of simply providing temporary pain relief with a massage. Although physiotherapy is not as soothing or relaxing as a spa visit, you will certainly feel better after going to your physiotherapist. While a massage therapist performs a standard routine, a physio provides an individualized treatment for one’s specific condition.

Did you know that about 60% of office workers suffer from neck and shoulder pain every year? While most of us go to the spa for a massage so we can de-stress and feel better, work-related muscle soreness would be more effectively addressed through a treatment from a qualified physio. Of course, regular stretches and maintaining proper posture while sitting at your desk will help prevent neck and shoulder pains. But if you really want to fix an achy shoulder, physiotherapy provides the ultimate solution.

If you want to avoid neck and shoulder pains, there are four strengthening exercises that you can do three times a week, or more, so you can strengthen these parts of your body and ensure pain-free shoulders. These exercises are: The Front Raise, The Lateral Raise, Reverse Flyes, and Shoulder Shrugs. If you are not familiar with these routines, you can do a quick online search and watch videos demonstrating how you can execute these exercises correctly. It is important to choose the weights that you are comfortable with, and do not force yourself to use very heavy weights. It is also best to visit a physio to get appropriate advice and guidance before you start so you are sure to be doing what is best for your specific condition.

As mentioned earlier, it is good to get a massage at the spa if you want to relax and de-stress. Getting a massage also provides a lot of health benefits. However, when it comes to addressing chronic shoulder pains, you will need much more than just immediate pain relief. The ultimate solution is for you to visit a qualified and trained professional like a physiotherapist who will be able to investigate on what is really causing your pain and provide you with the appropriate treatment and exercise routine. A physiotherapist is your best partner towards a pain free life.

Tim Ellis is the Principal Physiotherapist at Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness in Mascot, New South Wales, Australia. He specialises in treating complex necks and backs and developing highly effective exercise programs for his patients. Tim is committed to integrative health, healthy eating, exercise, and life long learning which he shares through his blogs.


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