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How Much Does It Cost To Haul Junk From Your Home?


Junk has a habit of piling up. We all deal with it. Whether it's languishing in the garage or hiding in a closet, it's there, and sometimes we feel the need to haul it off and start over with a clean slate. Or closet. Or garage.

The big question then becomes: how much will it cost to remove it? The hard work is over, and bags or boxes are filled with giveaway or throwaway junk, but now the problem becomes how to get it out of sight and mind and how much hard-earned cash it will take to do so.

Fortunately there are professionals who do just this, taking all the frustration out of it. And best of all, the cost won't land you in the poor house! Junk removal specialists will dispose of your unwanted belongings of almost any kind, up to and including hazardous waste material. They can haul your unwanted junk from any site imaginable. And most charge by the cubic yard, depending on the material being hauled away.

The cost of this enterprise will depend on what is being hauled away, the labor involved in removing it, and fees the removal specialists must pay when disposing of it. Lighter and less worrisome items to dispose of (in other words, nonhazardous materials) naturally will cost less to remove.

Ballpark figures range from removing home goods and debris at about $22 per cubic yard, rock and heavier materials at around $95 per cubic yard, and yard and tree waste for about $18 per cubic yard.

Price also depends on the type of vehicle used for the hauling. Higher rates are usual for enclosed trailer vehicles because it is more work-intensive to load and unload these vehicles. However the enclosed truck has a larger capacity and requires fewer loads, therefore often costing less overall when large amounts of waste need to be removed. Hazardous waste removal must be negotiated upfront, as many junk specialists do not handle this type of material.

Further cost-saving can be achieved by whittling down the junk hauled away to that which you can not manage on your own. Having the items organized and all in one place will also save labor and therefore time and money when the specialists arrive to do their job. Having to travel to more than one location and then organizing the junk at each location can quickly add up to extra costs.

Sorting through and ridding yourself of extra junk that has weighed you down for years can be a very freeing experience. With planning and organization this can go smoothly and further enhance your life as you crawl out from under the mountain (or small hill) of superfluous junk that has been moved from residence to residence in your lifetime. Minimizing can even be fun and very rewarding for you and your family, and it is possible to do it within the confines of your budget and your lifestyle. There is no better time to start than now!

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