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How Can I Get Rid Of Man Boobs?


Gynecomastia otherwise known as ‘man boobs’ is an issue which affects half of the male population according to a study completed by the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine. Yet, most men are unaware of what causes the issue, or indeed mould the shape into a desirably squared off pec.

Studies have shown that a tweak to the hormonal imbalances in the body and the loss of body fat will set you in the right direction. The presence of man boobs is often indicative of a hormonal imbalance in men, as breast tissue for men, just as with women feeds off the hormone oestrogen. As you’d expect, women have a higher level of oestrogen compared to men, where the androgen hormones such as testosterone is usually much more prevalent. When the androgen-to-estrogen ratio is out of balance this is when man boobs typically occurs, this his heightened when there is an increased presence of adipose tissue mass.

Finding a Solution to Man Boobs

If you suffer from gynecomastia, don't worry. There are solutions and options available to you.


Rule number one, ditch the drink, Alcohol is packed full of calories, yet, that calories aren’t the only reason for gynecomastia to occur in men who have a fond preference for alcohol. Alcohol ultimately suppresses the production of plasma testosterone, which can lead to the hormonal imbalance as mentioned before. No matter how much you bench, or protein you intake, alcohol will never be your chests best friend.


Nutrition is also key to obtaining a more masculine set of pectoral muscles, this means taking in the appropriate number of calories daily and abstaining from diets and ensuring your consuming food for the right food groups. Extreme dieting may be beneficial when it comes to losing fat around the stomach, however extreme dieting can reduce testosterone levels and result in “refeeding gynecomastia”. The first instant of refeeding gynecomastia was seen in World War II after prisoners were recovered from prison camps and resumed a normal diet after extreme malnutrition.


Bench Presses are arguably the most comprehensive exercise for your pectoral muscles. The heavy compound movements will tip any hormonal in balance back in your favour. The same rule applies to any heavy resistance exercise which triggers an acute hormonal response. Studies have proven that the levels of testosterone in a man’s body significantly increases after heavy resistance training in line with the correct diet.

Best Exercise Routing for Treating Gynecomastia

What specifically causes the complex imbalance of the body’s endocrine system is still being poked at by modern science. However, the following exercises will see you well on your way to a flatter, more masculine chest.

The Routine

By following this routine twice a week, and adhering to the right nutritional program, you can see yourself well on the way to Instagram worthy pecs. You’ll notice that each of the exercises is focused on power, strength and speed. Always concentrate on the volume of work done. The more repetitions the better.

  • 3 Sets of 20 Plyometric Press Ups at High Weight
  • 3 Sets of 20 Repetitions of Dumbbell Flies
  • 3 Sets of Close Grip Bench Presses

This article is provided courtesy of The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery - providers of breast surgeries for both men and women in Philadelphia.


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